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Setup a project

Connect to a Git repository#

With Anchorpoint you can connect to any Git repository to set up a team project. This video shows you how to do it.

Enter a Workspace URL#

When you open Anchorpoint for the first time, you will land on the Welcome Page. Scroll down and click Work in a Team if you want to connect to a Git repository. Accept the EULA and click Join Workspace to specify the URL to the repository. In the next step you simply paste the URL to the repository and click Connect.

"Anchorpoint Welcome Page"

Your home page when you open Anchorpoint for the first time.

Enter your credentials#

In the next step you need to enter your Git credentials. You can choose the Workspace Name as you like. It will be displayed later in your project overview.The username is your login to GitHub etc. In many cases it is the same as your email. In the next step you will be asked for a file path. This is the folder where your project will be created later. Just enter your main directory for all your projects.

"Git Credentials"

Enter your Git credentials

The Timeline#

You end up in the Timeline. Here you can see all commits (basically all versions of your project) that have already been created in this Git repository. Here you can see who did what and when. With a click on the version entry you can see the associated files on the right side. With a right click on the file, you can quickly get to the file location in the explorer via Show File in Project.

"Anchorpoint Timeline"

The timeline with all project versions. Your view may look different depending on the project.

Download the project files#

A repository or project in Anchorpoint is always added "sparse" first. This means that no data and folders are downloaded. You can download files and folders separately by clicking on the "Cloud icon". If you want to download the whole project, you have to click on the cloud icon in the top folder of the treeview.

"Anchorpoint Treeview"

The "Cloud Icon" starts the Sync Folder command. In this case the whole project will be downloaded.

Add or modify files#

Now you can edit files or add new ones. You can easily overwrite them when you save them. Git-based version control ensures that you can always restore data. As soon as you overwrite a file, you will see a yellow pencil icon. Newly added data is marked with a plus. Now go back to the timeline. There you will see a list of all the files you have changed. You can now publish your changes. In a Git-based project, data is not automatically synced like in a Dropbox to give you more control. Just add a comment in the text field and press Publish. Your changes will now be uploaded to the server.

"Anchorpoint Timeline"

Here you can see all the changes you have made to the project. Publish them so that your team can see your changes.