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Anchorpoint comes with workflow templates. Each template is organized according to a typical project structure depending on the industry.

The Demo Workspace#

You can find the Demo Workspace in the top left corner of the project list. There you can select and browse the demo projects. When you select a project, the project folder is created in the "Documents/Anchorpoint" directory. No project data will be downloaded automatically. You can browse the complete project in Anchorpoint and click on the "Cloud Icon" "Anchorpoint Welcome Page" to sync a folder or a file. You can also modify the Democontent to get a feel for Anchorpoint.

The complete Democontent is freely available. Feel free to copy the project structure and use it for your projects. You just have to download the complete demo project via Sync Folder.

You can also delete the demo workspace. Keep in mind that there is no way to get it back yet.

Graphic Design#

This is a typical template for brand design or graphic project in print or social media. Interesting here is especially the use of the Link Attribute and the Time Tracking Attribute. With this you can store the sources of websites, if you have to name the author of the graphic.

๐Ÿ’ก Suggestion

Use the Text Attribute to label your folders with information. You can also use the Multiple Choice Tag Attribute to set labels that better describe the content of the folders. This will help your teammates to get familiar with your project faster. You will save them a lot of time.

"Anchorpoint Graphic Design Template"

The graphic design template. The folder structure is created according to workflow.

"Anchorpoint Graphic Design Template"

Here you can find the production data as Photoshop files. Time tracking is used to capture the working time.


The VFX template shows a shot-based workflow typical of a VFX or animation production. The two most important folders are assets and shots.

Assets contains all 3D models, 2D graphics, etc that are used multiple times in the shots. They are often linked in the 3D application. This can be e.g. a character, a vehicle or certain background elements.

Shots contains the animation sequences that are later stitched together in the edit. The number of Shot subfolders also corresponds to the number of video clips that will be assembled later in the edit.

"Anchorpoint Graphic Design Template"

Here the folders are also sorted by workflow starting from input to output.

In the Shot folder itself, the number of clips is incremented in steps of 10. This is because you may want to add more shots. For example, Shot 0035 can be added between Shot 0030 and Shot 0040.

Each shot folder contains a fixed subfolder structure. Since a 3D animation always contains 3D files, render sequences and compositing project data, these are always stored in the same folder structure.

"Anchorpoint Graphic Design Template"

The folders are divided into shots. Here, next to the Assets folder, is the source of truth for the complete production history.