Getting Started#

Anchorpoint works like a normal file browser, with additional features of a web-based project management tool. You don’t have to import any data or upload anything to the web. Anchorpoint doesn’t change the way you work. These videos give you an overview of the basic features.

Browsing and Project Creation#

Here the basic functions like tabs, file preview and project lists are described. Much of it is self-explanatory.

Why should I create projects#

Projects allow sharing tags, notes, version information and feedback with other team members. You can invite team members to a project and configure access rights for attributes in the future.

Version Control and Feedback#

With version control you can see the complete history of your files. You can see who worked on a version, when, and where this version comes from. Your team members can comment and draw on your projects. So you have everything in one place.


With Attriuten you can add Tags, notes and other additional information to your folders and data. You can use it to map complete shot and asset lists or maintain a library.


With Actions you can automate processes and integrate them with other applications. Use Anchorpoint’s Python API to do this.