The Attribute system#

Set tags, statuses, deadlines, add notes or track your working time using Attributes. They are an additional interface element on your file or folder. Attributes are stored in databases. A folder can store two databases: A file database and a subfolder database, which you can fold and unfold by clicking on the left arrow above the subfolders or files. For each of these databases you can add Attributes. Think like adding a column in an Excel spreadsheet. If you are familiar with Properties in Notion, Attributes will be a no-brainer for you.

Where can I use Attributes#

You can currently create attributes on any file and folder. In the future it will be possible to enrich ToDo lists with Attributes.

Create Attributes#

Go to a folder of your choice. If you want to create attributes on files, switch to the list view. On folders and files you can then see the list of all available attributes via the Plus. If you click on one of them, a new column will be created in your list. You can rename the attribute now.

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Click on the Plus to open the list of attributes.

💡 Suggestion

A Single Choice Tag works wonderfully as a status indicator. Just call it Status and add for the corresponding tags like Not Started, In Progress, Waiting for Approval, Approved.

Rename, move and delete Attributes#

You can drag and drop attributes in the list to change their order. "Anchorpoint Welcome Page"

Click on the attribute name to open the options for attributes.

rename: Here you can rename your attribute

Delete: Here you can delete your attribute with its content

Change to: Change the attribute type

Visible: Here you can set the visibility on and off depending on the display. This setting is valid for the current view. If you change it for the list view, the tile view remains untouched.

⚠️ **Attention: ** The deletion of the attributes cannot be undone.

Change Attributes#

Click on the Attribute Title and go to Change To. There you can change your attribute type. For similar attribute types like Single Choice Tag and Multiple Choice Tag the attributes are taken over directly. In case of a change your data will not be lost. So you can always go back to the previous attribute type without losing your content.

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Change your attribute to another type.