Attribute Types#

Anchorpoint offers an ever-growing list of attributes. These are interface building blocks that can store information to better manage your library or project. Currently the following types are available.

Single Choice Tag#

With the Single Choice Tag you can always select one option from a list of labels and set it active. You can add new tags, rename them, change their color or delete them.

It is suitable for the following use cases:

  • Status: Set the status of a shot, game asset, or animation from “In Progress” to “Waiting for Approval”.

  • Asset Type: For example, if an asset is an “Inspiration,” a “Reference,” or a “Sketch.”

  • Assign a User: Specify who is currently working on a Shot or Asset.

"Anchorpoint Single Choice Tag"

With the Single Choice Tag you can set the status of various tasks.

"Anchorpoint Single Choice Tag"

The tag settings can be reached in the menu.

Multiple Choice Tag#

With the Multiple Choice Tag you can select multiple options from a list of labels and set them active. Managing tags works exactly the same way as the Single Choice Tag. It is suitable for the following use cases:

  • Content: What kind of content is contained in a folder. Are there 2D and 3D elements and stock photos

  • Category of an asset: If an asset is an outdoor object, a plant, and a tree.

  • Assign multiple users: Specify who is currently working on a shot or asset

"Anchorpoint  Multiple Choice Tag"

The multiple choice tag can be used to display various job types.


A simple text field that supports multiple columns to store notes.

"Anchorpoint Textfield"

The text field can be used, for example, to display the frame ranges.

"Anchorpoint Textfield"

Another possibility is also to deposit simple notations.


With the rating you can filter images, audio or videos faster. Click on a star to activate it. All stars below it will be activated as well. In the context menu you can set the length of the stars, for example if you need 3 or 7 stars for a rating.

"Anchorpoint Rating"

The rating can be used to label the quality of audio clips.

"Anchorpoint Rating"

In the context menu you can set the global number of rating stars. By clicking on the trash can you set the rating to zero.

"Anchorpoint Time Tracking"

The Time Tracker Overview.

When you start the stopwatch, you will see that a red stopwatch is displayed at the top right of the menu. This means that Time Tracking is currently active. You can now browse Anchorpoint and the tracker will continue to run in the background. If you click the tracking button again, the tracking menu will open. Here you can jump to your tracking object (file or folder), pause tracking or even stop tracking.

"Anchorpoint Time Tracking"

The Time Tracker overview at the top right of the app menu.


Opens a date picker where you can select a specific date. A typical use case is setting a deadline. You can also specify the date in text form in the search field to get there faster. The following entries are possible

  • 3.4.2010

  • 3/4/2010

Clear Date deletes the date.

"Anchorpoint Date Picker"

You can select the date by hand or enter it in the search bar.


A simple checkbox that can be turned on or off.

"Anchorpoint Date Picker"

This checkbox indicates whether the animation was executed in the corresponding shot.