Version Control using Git#

ℹ️ Requires a Professional or Team plan

For frictionless collaboration in Unreal Engine you need version control. A version control system replaces incremental saving and a file syncing service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Rather than synchronizing your files continuously, you upload and download a list of files manually.

Git is a version control (or source control) system that allows you to store snapshots of a file, without changing the filename. When you use Unity, Unreal or Godot or when you develop software, that’s the way to do it. Game engines cannot handle increments like “_v001”. They won’t find the files anymore. A version control system allows you to store all older file versions on a central server as snapshots or checkpoints. This way, you can always roll back if something breaks.

Anchorpoint supports a subset of Git that is relevant for artists. This includes connecting to repositories, automatically configuring Git LFS, committing, pushing and pulling.