The Action System#

ℹ️ Requires a Professional or Team plan

What can you do with Actions#

Actions are a kind of extensions for Anchorpoint. With Actions features like creating folder templates, batch rename or integrations to DCCs can be enabled. Actions are open-source and can be modified by developers and adapted to the needs of each studio. Artists don’t need to know anything about the technical details, because for them Actions feel like normal features.


Everything where you have to do a lot of manual work (renaming files, copying files, constantly opening the DCC to load files and save them again or bugging your teammates to put data in the right place) you can automate with Actions.

Where are Actions located#

Actions can be managed in the Workspace Settings. Each setting here applies to all projects in the entire workspace. When an artist joins a project, the necessary actions are downloaded to his computer. So no scripts have to be copied and pasted.