File browsing#

Anchorpoint works like a normal file browser and has other options that make everyday work easier for 3D artists and designers.

Anchorpoint does not duplicate files and does not create a cryptic database. Anchorpoint stores metadata in the cloud so it can be shared with other team members. Here you can find more information about metadata.


Anchorpoint can natively display thumbnails for the following file formats: C4D, Blend, Max, OBJ, FBX, GLTF, SBSAR, SBS (requires an active Substance installation), PSD, PSB, HDR, EXR, AI and all other common image and video formats.

If a thumbnail cannot be displayed, you can use the Replace Thumbnail feature in the context menu to set a thumbnail on each file. You can also access it by selecting a file and pressing SHIFT+S.


Anchorpoint can display image sequences and incremental saves as a stack. Both stacks are handled differently.

Image sequences#

Image sequences can show the number of frames and possible gaps in the sequence. For this you have to make the info attribute visible.

Version stacking#

These stacks can give you additional functionality. So you can create a new version directly from the stack. Your application will start and open this version directly. You can also see the complete version history in the detail view. More infos about incremental version stacking.