Creating Actions#

ℹ️ Requires a Team plan

With just a little scripting knowledge you can quickly build small automation tools that speed up the workflow in your studio. The best way to do this is to start with our examples.

Start with our examples#

You can find a number of Actions examples on our GitHub page, which you can download and configure freely. The following examples are included:

Executables (e.g. FFmpeg or ImageMagick) must be downloaded from the respective website.


The Workspace Action Distribution System is the hub for the workspace owner and admins to control what actions are accessible by the team.

By default, Anchorpoint adds the Anchorpoint action repository from GitHub to every workspace. To adjust what actions are enabled in your workspace or to modify the repositories open the action settings dialog.
You can find the settings for the action distribution on the action settings of your workspace:

When adding a new Action repository you can either provide a link to a public GitHub repository (e.g or to a local folder.