Video conversion#

ℹ️ Requires a Team plan

Anchorpoint has a set of build in video utilities, that allow you to convert image sequences to video, convert large video files into smaller mp4 files or replace an audiotrack in a videofile without re-encoding. Video utilities are basically Actions in Anchorpoint, which are based on the Python API. This means that you can modify the code to your own needs. All video utilities are based on FFmpeg and require installation, which happens automatically when you use them for the first time.

Convert an EXR or PNG image sequence to MP4#

Whether for daily reviews, as an email attachment or for a quick preview. Mp4 videos can be played by any player and are indispensable in everyday production. This is a useful Anchorpoint feature that allows you to convert PNG or EXR sequences to MP4 video. It can also convert raw video like MOV or AVI.

Change the audio in a video file#

Replacing the audio of a video usually means opening the video in an editing program, changing the audio track, and re-exporting. If you are unlucky, you don’t even have the source files. Here is how to change the audio without having to re-export your video.