Git resolving conflicts#

Conflicts arise when several members work on the same files. They always become visible after a pull or after a merge of a branch. The person who is currently pulling must then decide which change is saved as the last version.

Shelved files#

Shelved files are a repository that works much like a commit, that is, like a version of your project. In general, you don’t need to deal with them unless you’re resolving conflicts that arise when you’re pulling or merging branches.

Your changes are saved as shelved files (i.e. as a checkpoint of your project) before merging or conflict resolving. If you accidentally selected the wrong options when resolving the conflict and lost your changes, you can retrieve them from the shelved files.

Shelved files should almost always be cleared. If they are not, you can’t, for example, do a pullen without first saving your changes in a commit.