ℹ️ Requires a Pro or Team plan

GitLab is complete development plattform which is famous for their CI/CD features. The integrations allows you to create repositories and add members to a GitLab group, directly from Anchorpoint. Each member needs a GitLab account.

Groups in GitLab#

Adding members requires a group on GitLab. GitLab groups are similar to Anchorpoint workspaces. To make sure the integration works properly, have the same users with the same email address in a GitLab group, that you have in an Anchorpoint workspace. Make also sure that GitLab usernames are the same (without like the member’s email address.


If the integration is active, you can create Git repositories directly from Anchorpoint. To do this, create a project in Anchorpoint and select the Git Repository option. Under Remote Settings, then select New GitLab Repository. In the next step, add the members. These members will also be added to the repository on GitLab. All members need an active GitLab account first.

Project deletion#

If you remove a project on Anchorpoint, it is not automatically removed from GitLab. You have to remove it manually there.