Git settings#

You can customize how Git behaves in Anchorpoint. There are global and project based settings which you can change.

Global Settings#

They are available under “Workspace Settings/ Git”

Combine Commit and Push#

Sets the behavior for the button in the changed files textfield. Per default each commit will automatically trigger a push. You can disable that if you want to commit and push manually.

Automatically lock changed files#

Anchorpoint locks every changed file by doing a check every minute. It is then write protected for other team members.

Show notifications for new commits#

You will get a push notification for the current open project if a new commit shows up from a team member.

Project Settings#

These settings are available under “Project Settings/ Git”

Repository URL#

Shows the remote URL. normally you don’t need to change that.

Create .gitkeep files in new folders#

By default, Git does not understand empty folders. If you e.g. want to create a folder structure with empty folders in a Git repository, Anchorpoint will add a hidden .gitkeep file so they can be uploaded to Git.

Automatically track all binary files as LFS#

Anchorpoint creates the .gitattributes file automatically by adding all binary files which it detects in a commit. If you want to modify this file manually, disable the option.