apsync.get_api() apsync.Api#

Returns the Api object. When writing an anchorpoint action use get_api() or, even better, get_context() instead

class apsync.Api#

The Anchorpoint Sync Api is your swiss army knife to communicate with the Anchorpoint Server. It is required to do all kinds of neat things, such as:

  • read and write attributes

  • get information about projects

  • read and write settings

  • and much more


>>> import apsync
>>> api = apsync.get_api()
get_project() Optional[apsync.Project]#

Returns the active project for the api.

get_workspace() str#

Returns the active workspace id.

set_project(project: Optional[apsync.Project]) None#

Sets the active project for the api.

set_workspace(workspace_id: str) None#

Sets the active workspace id.

property attributes: apsync.Attributes#

Access the Attributes api



property tasks: apsync.Tasks#

Access the Tasks api