Git with Unreal Engine#

Git can be used very well in connection with Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine 5 even saves changes at the actor level, so you don’t need constant locking of a map anymore. Even commits are easier. For example, if you move a tree, only the change is saved in a small kilobyte file.

Notes for use with Unreal Engine#

Although Unreal Engine has its own Git integration, we recommend using an external Git client. The Git integration of Unreal Engine is in most cases slower and also has no possibility to push and pull data.

One File Per Actor#

When you are in an Anchorpoint team plan, Anchorpoint can display the actor names instead of the hashed file name. When you open the file using Show in Project or Show in Explorer, it will navigate to the original file.

Pulling changes#

Unreal Engine tends to lock files on Windows. When Git does a pull (i.e. downloads files from the repository to your computer) this can cause problems because Git cannot write these files. You sometimes have to close your map in Unreal Engine for the pull to work smoothly.

Locked files#

If other team members have modified files (e.g. a map), it will be locked for the rest of the team. If you want to change and save a locked file you will get the following message.

Locking files in Unreal

Unreal recognizes that files are locked. You can unlock the file, but you should not do this, but talk to your team member. Otherwise you will run into conflicts. Learn more about file locking.