Subscription management#

This article aims to provide a clear overview of how to create and manage workspaces, understand billing connections, and efficiently add or manage members within your workspace.

Workspaces Overview#

  • A workspace serves as the central hub for your projects and team collaboration, similar to a Slack workspace or a Discord server.

  • You can view and switch between workspaces you belong to from the top left corner. Each workspace typically represents your studio or organization.

Managing Members#

  • Within a workspace, there is one owner, who is responsible for subscription and billing. Owners can invite members, assign roles (admin or member), and activate or deactivate users.

  • Adding or managing members does not directly affect billing. Your subscription dictates the number of members you can include in your workspace.

  • Members need to be explicitly assigned to projects within the workspace; simply inviting them does not grant access to any project resources.

Billing and Subscriptions#

  • Changes in workspace membership do not impact your billing. Adjustments to your team size, such as adding more seats or reducing them, are managed in the “Plans” section.

  • You can modify your subscription to add or reduce seats, choosing between annual or monthly payment options. Any changes require management through the customer portal.

Assigning Members to Projects#

  • Assign invited members to specific projects for them to access relevant project folders or Git repositories.

  • Members can be assigned to projects at the time of invitation or when creating new projects.