Anchorpoint is a customizable pipeline tool for graphic, film, animation and game projects. It manages typical tasks in a creative production such as version control, feedback loops, project management and automation. It is worth to take a look at our changelog.

This tutorial will help you to get a quick start in Anchorpoint. Keep in mind that this document is constantly changing.

What can you do with Anchorpoint#

Collaborate with others#

Your tasks, notes, comments and project status is where your assets are. Create projects and invite others.

  • Assign Tasks within your team

  • Create asset and shot overviews

  • Use Version Control

  • Provide visual Feedback



Organize your projects#

Use Anchorpoint as a Windows Explorer alternative. View PSD, HDRi, EXR or other data and tag them.


Automate your workflows#

Create scripts and distribute them effortlessly across your team. You can use them to convert data, create folder templates or enable integrations to your DCC.