anchorpoint.check_application(application_path: str, info: str = '', name: Optional[str] = None) bool#

Verifies if the provided application can be found on the system. Returns True if the application is found, shows a toast to the user if not. Set info=’my info’ to guide the user how to fix the problem. Pass name=”my executable” to check the expected name of the application.

  • application_path (str) – The path to the application

  • info (Optional[str]) – Description how the user can fix the problem

  • name (str) – The expected name of the application


>>> if anchorpoint.check_application("path/to/blender.exe", "Please install blender from blender.org", "blender"):
>>>     print ("Blender found, starting to render...")
anchorpoint.temp_dir() str#

Returns a writable temporary directory

anchorpoint.copy_files_to_clipboard(file_paths: List[str]) None#

Copies given file paths to clipboard marked for copy operation :param file_paths: file paths to the files to copy :type file_paths: [str]


>>> anchorpoint.copy_files_to_clipboard(["path/to/file.png"]):
anchorpoint.get_application_dir() str#

Returns the application directory of Anchorpoint