Read Attributes#

In this example we write a Python script that can read attributes. If you want to use IntelliSense for this, have a look at this description first.


The files are placed in the attributes folder. This is located in the Action repository, which can be found via Workspace Settings / Actions. In the action list you can use the Show code button to get to the action codes.


We register the action on the file and folder context menu.

version: 1.0
  name: Example / Read Attributes

  version: 1
  id: ap::examples::attributes::read
  category: utility/code/examples/attributes
  type: python
  enable: false
  author: Anchorpoint Software GmbH
  description: Example action to demonstrate how to read all kinds of attributes
    path: :/icons/action.svg


      enable: true
      enable: true


We use the get_context() module to get the file paths, the UI() module to display the toast and the get_api() module to read the attributes database.

import anchorpoint

ctx = anchorpoint.get_context()
api = anchorpoint.get_api()
ui = anchorpoint.UI()

#Get the current selection of files and folders
selected_files = ctx.selected_files
selected_folders = ctx.selected_folders

def read_attribute(path):
    #Get all attributes in the project (everything what is under "Recent Attributes")
    proj_attributes = api.attributes.get_attributes()
    #Collect the output in a string
    output = ""

    #Get the Attribute field of the file/folder
    for attribute in proj_attributes:
        atttribute_value = api.attributes.get_attribute_value(path,

        #If the Attribute field is not empty, add it to the output string. Add a linebreak at the end
        if(atttribute_value is not None):
            output += + ": " + str(atttribute_value) +"<br>"

    #Show a toast in the UI

for f in selected_files:

for f in selected_folders: