Action Packages#

You can package a set of actions in an action package. Action packages have 2 main advantages:

  • They can be distributed using the Action Distribution System

  • They can be enabled and disabled for the entire workspace

To define an action package set the type to package and provide a list of actions.

version: 1.0
  name: Example Package

  id: ap::package::example
  type: package
  enable: false
  author: Anchorpoint Software GmbH
  description: An example package
  details: '
    An example package that demonstrates how to create packages.
    The detail section supports basic <b>HTML</b>:
    path: an_icon.svg

    - example::action::id
    - another::example::id

    - mac
    - win

The YAML for a package features 2 main differences to a normal action YAML:

  • The type is set to “package”

  • A list of action ids is provided through the “actions” key

For workspace owners or administrators the packages show up in the Action settings for your workspace: