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Anchorpoint is a customizable pipeline tool for graphic, film, animation and game projects. It manages typical tasks in a creative production such as version control, feedback loops, project management and automation. It is worth to take a look at our changelog.

This tutorial will help you to get a quick start in Anchorpoint. Keep in mind that this document is constantly changing.

What can you do with Anchorpoint#

One man show#

Use Anchorpoint as a file browser to maintain your asset library and get an overview of your projects. Features like time tracking, todo lists and version control help you to keep an overview of your project.


Use Anchorpoint to manage all information about a project in one place. Create file and folder templates, manage versions, and provide visual feedback to your team members. Anchorpoint can work with render farms and various tools via Python.


The basics of projects, browsing, version control and attributes explained in 5 minutes.
The complete creation process of files. Comment and draw on images to quake feedback.
Create todo lists, shot and asset lists, assigne users and set the status of a project.
Anchorpoint Python API to create templates and integrate with other applications.