Anchorpoint is a simple asset manager for VFX, animation and real-time projects. It organizes your files and tasks in one cohesive app. It does not change your workflow and works like a normal file browser on steroids.

Anchorpoint is actively developed. Every 2-3 weeks, we release an update which includes updated features, UX enhancements and bug fixes.

What can you do with Anchorpoint#

Anchorpoint is extremely flexible and can be used in various file-based workflows. Because it works like a file browser, you can use your existing project structures. Here are some suggestions for what you can do with it:

Manage animation, VFX, game and motion graphics projects#

Your tasks, notes, comments and project status is where your assets are. Create projects and invite others.

Organize your projects#

Use Anchorpoint as a Windows Explorer or Adobe Bridge alternative. You can manage your references or your asset library if you work alone or in a team.

Automate your workflows#

Create scripts and distribute them effortlessly across your team. You can use them to convert data, create folder templates or enable integrations to your DCC.

What do I need to use Anchorpoint#

You need a place for your files. Anchorpoint works like a file browser. This means that your files can be on your local hard drive, a NAS, or your Dropbox. Anchorpoint’s particular strength is that it can track file changes and, like a pipeline tool, link files and tasks.

Integrations and plugins#

Achorpoint has an extensive Python API and a GitHub repository with many code examples.

Integrations and plugins are treated as Actions in the Anchorpoint environment. They are based on Python and can extend the functionality of Anchorpoint.