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Getting Started

Anchorpoint is a customizable pipeline tool for graphic, film, animation and game projects. It manages typical tasks in a creative production such as version control, asset- and task management. Review tools are also planned. It is still in development so you may encounter missing features and UX issues. It is worth to take a look at our changelog.

Version control for game engine users#

In its current state, Anchorpoint speeds your team workflow when working with Game Engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine. To collaborate on such projects you need version control, because they cannot handle incremental saves (such as asset_01, asset_02 etc.).

Version control software exists for ages. You may hear of GitHub, which is not a version control system but a platform for collaboration. It is based on the system called “Git” and Anchorpoint is fully compatible with it. You can connect to any repository on GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Azure Devops. You can even host your own Git server on a NAS.

Anchorpoint is optimized to work well with large binaries (using Git LFS and sparse checkout). Furthermore, it simplifies the Git workflow, so that it’s easy to use for artists who don’t want to deal with commits, push and pull terms.

Version control for other users#

If you look at your file browser finding file names such as design_34_mn_final_03_final.psd, Anchorpoint can help you with version control, so you only see the latest version in your browser. On each new version, you can comment your change to have full transparency over your project.


Anchorpoints purpose is to store all your project data in one place. This includes project files, tasks, notes and feedback. Of course, you could use a dedicated tool for each of them, but that that will result in maintaining multiple sources of truth and a lot of searching for the right file or information.

Anchorpoint is customizable. You can use your own folder structure and extend files and folders with Attributes. It’s similar like using Excel spreadsheets or databases in Notion. With Attributes you can add tags, notes, stars or even track your time on particular tasks. In the future, Anchorpoint will support embedded web content, so you could link videos or Figma frames directly in the folder with all the related files.

It also supports industry relevant file previews, such as PSD, EXR, Camera Raw etc.