Your files in Anchorpoint#

This section explains how Anchorpoint handles production and metadata so you don’t have to worry about your files.

What happens to my project files?#

Your project data, e.g. videos, images, 3D models, Blender, Nuke files etc. are never modified by Anchorpoint. This data is then mostly on your Dropbox, Google Drive, your hard drive, a Git repository or a network drive. Anchorpoint only observes them. Anchorpoint can add metadata. For example, you can put a different thumbnail on a Blender file or you can comment on it.

Where does Anchorpoint store its metadata?#

Anchorpoint processes metadata (comments, tags, thumbnails) in the Anchorpoint Cloud. This allows for team collaboration or synchronization across multiple computers. So you can send comments with @mentions and push notifications and easily send files via link to your colleagues. Anchorpoint stores a .approj file in your project so it knows where your project files (described above) are located.

What is the .approj file?#

You can think of the .approj file as the location for all of Anchorpoint’s metadata. So this file should always be in the main folder of your project. Also when you archive your project (e.g. zip it) you should include this .approj file. This way Anchorpoint can always restore your metadata (tags, comments, thumbnails) in the future and you will have all the info about how your project went besides your project files.

Technically, the .approj file does not store any real data. It always retrieves them from the Anchorpoint Cloud. There they are stored indefinitely.